Art COP-21, a photo story

What is the role of an Artist? What is her responsibility? His duty? To merely express herself? Or to provoke something from other people? Must his work be accessible? Or merely indulgent?

Radical Action Reaction – “We’ve grown this sapling for 5 years. It’s been displayed all over the world. And yes, the curtain is made of live grass.” But now, the show is over – curtain call.


Radical Action Reaction – The Tree Ceremony


The Bureau of Linguistic Reality – “If a word does not exist in our vocabulary, the concept does not really exist in our reality… So we set about creating new words. We run workshops that ask people to converse about some of the most complex phenomena that we find present in our current climate crisis. By making new words, we make our realities more real.”


Morbiqué – n. “the desire to be glamorous with something that is in the process of dying/ disappearing”


The Climats Artificiels exhibition at Foundation EDF – artists’ interpretations of solutions to our climate crisis. It appears to be a real-world ‘Wally’ situation…


Climats Artificiels – When the world gets to smoggy and polluted, immerse yourself in a lush green world. Anytime, anywhere.

Artists Olafur Eliasson and Minik Rosing are bringing attention to icebergs by bring icebergs to Paris. 12 icebergs (weighing 80 tonnes) were transported from Greenland to Paris, amassing a 30 tonne CO2 footprint along the way. The icebergs were arranged in the shape of a clock in front of the famous Paris Pantheon. We could literally hear the ice melting and the clock ticking…


#IceWatchParis (


When I met Danish artist Jens Galschiøt during COP-21, he had already been arrested 3 times for wearing a polar bear suit around Paris. Here he is seen promoting his newest sculpture, ‘UnBearable’, which displays a polar bear impaled on an oil pipeline in the shape of the graph of cumulative global fossil fuels emissions from year 0 to present. Jens believes that art should be public and political. He believes in artistic invasions of any medium, but his speciality is sculpture.


UnBearable, by Jens Galschiøt

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